What services do you offer?



I consider commissions for features, interviews, analysis, opinion, news, reportage, humorous writing and other journalistic content,  particularly on subjects related to the business and social implications of new technologies;  business and IT leadership; business transformation; business ethics; innovation; IT industry developments; Internet policy; IT and sustainability;  cloud computing; computer security and privacy; open data; social media. 


Business writing

I can create compelling blogs; web copy; brochures; marketing literature; press releases; case studies; white papers; research reports; ghostwritten articles/opinion pieces; customer comms; people profiles/interviews; internal communications; event reports;  content for in-house and customer magazines; slogans; advertorial; sales copy.


Business editing

My services include editing, re-writing, sharpening, summarising, re-purposing, styling and proofreading written content of all kinds; commissioning content and managing contributors; headline/slug/caption writing.


Social media management

I offer blog editing and management; social network feed management and content creation.


Communications consultancy

I can help clients devise effective communication strategies and decide on the appropriate content, style and tone for articles; magazines; blogs; podcasts; websites; social media; internal and external comms; events.



Voiceovers; podcast presenting; on-camera interviewing;  business book editing/ghostwriting; panel-chairing and public speaking; research and analysis; humour; slogan-writing; devising competitions; tailored rhymes; crossword/puzzle compilation.



How much do you charge?


Charges vary depending on the amount of content required and the level of research/interviewing involved, but my rates are competitive and I am always happy to discuss options with clients and help them get the best value for money. First, I'll need to talk to you to find out precisely what you're trying to achieve. 

How long will you take?


Again, this depends on the nature of the job and any other client commitments, but I always try to be as fast and flexible as possible, including working evenings and weekends if a client needs something in a hurry. And you can be sure I won‘t promise what I can‘t deliver – if I‘m not confident of being able to meet the deadline, I don‘t take on the job. 

Will you promote our organisation / product / service in the media?


I maintain strict Chinese walls between my journalism/personal blogging and any promotional writing. I do not accept commissions for bylined promotional work, nor will I use my own social network feeds to disseminate clients‘ promotional content. Any promotional articles or advertorials I write must be published without a byline, or under the name of someone in your organisation. (This is for my clients‘ protection as much as my own, since I may have had contradictory material published elsewhere.)


However, if the content you require is impartial and non-promotional (e.g. an informational  blog or a profile/interview piece for a customer magazine ) then I‘m happy to discuss use of my byline.


Equally, if you hire me in a role that requires me to act as a representative of your organisation (e.g. interviewing customers, attending and participating in events or conferences, etc) then I will of course present myself and your organisation in the appropriate manner.



Can you provide more details / examples / testimonials of your skills and experience?


Sure. There's a brief bio on this page; a few testimonials here and links to samples of my writing here, but feel free to contact me if you need anything else.